Core Belief Fitness is launching Axius portable workout equipment designed to strengthen your core.  AXIUS core workout fitness equipment strengthens the muscular chain and helps your joint mobility and stability. Axius core workout systems can be used on the ground for arching roll out, reverse rolls, pushups and Glute Bridge.  For standing, the fitness equipment works for shoulder and squat progression.  Axius can also be used as a weight lifting plate.

Core Belief Axius Fitness Equipment

Bryan Doyle, a member of the USA National Rugby team, developed Axius after suffering an injury and learning about the importance of core strength training.  Core muscles can be found in the area of the stomach and lower and mid back, including your abdominal and back muscles.  Having a strong core helps you to do physical activities like soccer, volleyball, swimming and running.  Axius core exercises can be done on the floor and standing up.

The CoreBelief AXIUS Workout System raised $167,987 through a Kickstarter fundraising initiative for its fitness equipment.  The Core Belief Fitness business initiated crowd funding in June 28, 2016 and reached its fundraising goal of $50,000 on July 5, 2016. CoreBelief Fitness made stretch goals for reaching $100K to include free light and medium tensions bands.

Core Belief Fitness developed rewards for supporters, consisting of:

  • Axius T-shirt for $40
  • Early bird gets complete Axius training system for $195
  • For $240, you will receive CoreBelief workout equipment, both resistance bands and exercise chart
  • 2 Axius training systems for $450
  • 3 CoreBelief Axius training systems for $555

Core Belief Fitness is headquartered in San Diego, California and was launched by Brian Doyle in 2014.