BullRest is creating a travel pillow that is 80% smaller than other travel pillows on the market and is designed to fit into your carry on luggage.  This small travel pillow keeps your neck aligned in a straighter position,  supports the head and neck vertebrae and fits both men and women.  The BullRest neck pillow is more compact than other travel pillows, offers ergonomic design for neck support, memory foam that shapes to your neck and comes in multiple color choices.

BullRest Small Pillow

The BullRest sleeper pillows will fit most male and female adults.  The BullRest only comes in one size, but it was designed to fit nearly 90% of the adult population.  It is made of high wicking materials so that it can be cleaned and disinfected with a wash cloth or anti-bacterial wipes.

This startup business raised $340,393 through an Indiegogo crowdfunding effort for its small travel pillow.  The venture commenced a crowdfunding campaign in 2015 and set its fundraising goal at $100,000.  BullRest established reward tiers for its crowdfunding supporters, like:

  • Save 15% on 2 BullRests
  • Save 20% on 3 BullRests
  • Save 25% on 6 BullRests

BullRest is situated in San Diego, CA and was started up by Sean O’Meara in 2015.