Patara Shoes is starting a business to make lightweight handmade casual shoes in a variety of colors that can be used outdoors, on the beach or indoors.  Patara shoes are designed to be sustainable and made with natural organic fibers, incorporate cork insoles to resist odor, and have a suede inside heel for softness.

Patara Handmade Shoes

To date Patara has raised $43,256 through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its handmade shoes.  Patara started raising money on February 6, 2017 and reached its funding goal of $25,000 on February 14, 2107.

Patara Shoes established many rewards for backers, including:

  • Patara t-shirt for $30 that is available in sizes S – XXL
  • Men’s slip-on for $75, which is 15% off retail price
  • Woman’s lace-up for a pledge of $85 or more
  • T-shirt and shoe combination for $105
  • 3 pairs of shoes for $235

Patara footwear is available for men and women in 2 different styles: The Seeker shoe and The Nomad shoe.  For men, slip-on shoe colors are Bohemian, Taj blue, Zaba Indigo, Chiang Mai, and blue suede.  For women, slipper shoe colors are Taj pink, Baja, Antigua, grey suede, Montego.  Patara also offers lace up shoes for men and women.  This Rover line of shoes shoes comes in midnight blue, midnight suede, Ziggy brown, Mojave and Ziggy blue.

Patara Shoe is headquatered in San Diego, California and was started by Christian Rosier.