Luma Cube is building a portable Bluetooth light called Life Lite for iPhone or Android smartphones that lights up the background for better pictures or experiences.  Life Lite portable lights can be synchronized with each other and your phone, will light up your background for Periscope, YouTube or Snapchat videos, are small enough to fit in your pocket and are waterproof.  Life Lites are lightweight at only 2.5oz, measure under 1.5 inches, can be mounted on a tri-pod, use LED lighting, and work on multiple devices including iPhone, Android, digital cameras, video cameras, and GoPro.

Life Lite Light

According to Mornee Sherry, founder and CEO, the Life Lite is a follow-up to a Kickstarter project that was completed 2 years ago for their Luma Cube.  They are now back with Life Lite that is engineered to have 1,000 lumens, waterproof to 30 feet, and smaller and lighter than the Luma Cube.  It is ideal for surfers and skateboarders that want to light up their surroundings at night and capture the moment on video or camera.  Endorsed by the likes of Jamie O’Brien, who uses the Life Lite to surf at night, and Ryan Scheckler, a professional skateboarder, the Life Lite light allows them to enhance their performances in the dark.

So far Life Lite has raised $69,353 through a Kickstarter fundraising initiative for its portable light.  Luma Cube commenced crowdfunding on October 29, 2016 and reached its fundraising goal of $33,000 on the following day.   So far Life Lite has 970 backers, but with 29 days to go, you can expect them to raise significantly more money from additional backers.

Luma Life Lite created rewards for supporters that include:

  • Early bird blue LifeLite for $39
  • Early bird black Life Lite for $39
  • Black Life Lite light and mounting kit for bicycle for $49
  • Photographer package that includes black Life Lite and SLR mounting kit for $59
  • Smartphone video kit that includes black light, Lume grip, ball head mount and smartphone clip for $79

Luma Cube is located in San Diego, CA and was founded by Mornee Sherry.