Grippz is launching a yoga mat with acupressure knobs that grips it in place and prevents slipping.  Additionally the Grippz yoga mat has ergonomic knobs that trigger acupressure points on hands and feet to relieve blockages, ease muscle tension, and facilitate blood circulation.  Grippz yoga mats are water proof and sweat proof, don’t develop odors over time, are made of dense material that grips and doesn’t curl, and are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Grippz Yoga Mat with Acupressure

Acupressure and Acupuncture are similar in that they both use the pressure points to improve blood circulation, reduce pain and increase energy levels.  The key difference between these two healing methods is that acupressure uses firm fingers, or points, while Acupuncture uses needles.  Acupressure mats can relieve sore muscles and provide your body with more uptake oxygen which may offer better sleep quality, improve digestion and speed up metabolism.

Grippz combines the benefits of acupressure into its yoga mat.  The acupressure points built into the yoga mat are designed to allow for complex flows and provide more grip surface to reduce any chance of slipping during practice.  The Grippz mat is 72 inches long (6 feet), 24 inches wide (2 feet) and nearly ½ inch thick.  The Grippz was designed by Katrina who is a Yogi based in San Diego, California.

To launch its acupressure yoga mat, Grippz raised $83,376 through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.  The Grippz business initiated crowd funding on November 1, 201 and reached its initial funding goal of $10,000 24 hours later on November 2, 2016.  Grippz created a stretch goal to include a waterproof yoga mat tote bag for reaching $50,000 in funding.

Grippz made multiple reward levels for its backers, consisting of:

  • Early bird Grippz mat for $59
  • Kickstarter specials saves $10 off Grippz retail price of $79
  • 2 Grippz yoga mats for $109
  • 4 Grippz yoga mats for $199

Grippz Yoga Mat Faces Significant Competition from Other Yoga Mat Companies

Yoga Mat

The market for yoga mats is very competitive and is dominated by some very strong brands, like Lululemon and Manduka.  The table below lists some of the most popular yoga mats and their corresponding features and pricing.

Yoga Mat Name Features List Price
Manduka prolite® mat Yoga mat that has a closed cell surface to prevent sweat from causing bacteria.  Non-toxic and latex free. $98
The Mat from Lululemon Comes with a rubber base that grips and provides a cushion.  Offers antimicrobial additive that helps prevent mold and bacteria. $68
Jade Harmony Professional 3/16 Inch Yoga Mat Made from natural rubber for optimal grip and comfortable cushioning.  Jade Yoga plants a tree for every yoga mat that is sold. $75
Original Hugger Mugger Tapas Yoga Mat Manufactured with a non-stick surface and is washable for easy cleaning. $49
Kharma Khare Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Non PVC yoga mat that is made with safe non-toxic materials.  Comes in multiple colors and weighs 8 lbs. $50
Gaiam Premium Yoga Mats Extra thick yoga mat that is free of many Phthalates.  Offers non-slip textured surface to improve gripping. $44
Clever Yoga Mats Made from 100% recyclable materials.  Non slip surface provides optimum grip and is reversible. $55


Acupressure “Bed of Nails” Mats are Offered by a Variety of Manufacturers

Acupressure Mat

In addition to facing competition from Yoga mat manufacturers, Grippz is also competing with many of the companies that make Acupressure Mats shown in the following table:

Acupressure Mat Name Features List Price
Acupoint Acupressure Mat Lightweight and portable acupressure mat that features thousands of acupressure points. $40
Master Smart Gear Large acupressure mat that reduces muscle tension and back pain.  Made from plant based eco-foam. $50
HemingWeigh Acupressure Mat Swedish acupressure mat designed to relieve pains and muscle tension. $17
Kabalo Yoga Spike Mat Smaller acupressure mat (30 inch by 17 inch) for increased levels of endorphins and uptake of oxygen. $10
Spiky Doctor Acupressure Mat Manufactured with hypo allergic rubber and includes stainless steel spikes that are comfortable to skin. $30


Grippz Mats is situated in San Diego, California and was founded by Katrina Starzhynskaya.