The Undress, Inc. is developing dress that allows women to change without taking their clothes off when they are undressing in public.  The Undress SPORT women’s dress allows women to change clothes faster, provides privacy and prevents women from having to change clothes in a dressing room, behind a bush, in a car, or with a towel.

Undress Sport Women's Privacy Dress

The Undress SPORT can be used as a skirt, midi length dress, or strapless dress, comes in different colors and fabrics, is available in dress sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL for large women, has zipper side openings, and has a secret pocket.

The Undress SPORT raised $248,704 through a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for its women’s dress.  The Undress Company started fundraising in December 15, 2015 and reached its funding goal of $33,000 on December 15, 2015.

The Undress crafted many rewards for backers, including:

  • Optimized the secret dress pocket
  • Additional colors of the privacy dress for women at $150K
  • Version for men at $250K

The Undress is situated in San Diego, California and was started by Dennis Caco and April Estrada in 2014.